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What is ConstructEd?

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Easily and affordably create the K-12 print

or digital curriculum your students need.


Author your own student and teacher content for print and/or digital. Whatever your vision,
we can bring it to life.  


Build from existing lessons and chapters or add your own. From minor edits to a complete rework, no project is too big or small. 


Choose one of our existing math, science, and gifted education materials for the perfect classroom fit.

San Francisco Unified School District Creates Curriculum for Success

April 10, 2018

180 Days Podcast Hosts Karen Greenhouse and Tim Pope, talk with Lizzie Hull Barnes, the Director of Mathematics for the San Francisco Unified School District, about how they created customized curriculum...

Look at curriculum differently than ever before by creating made-to-order materials specific to your school, teachers, and students' needs.


Kendall Hunt K-12 Math Programs

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