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Your Questions Answered 

Doesn’t it cost more to customize curriculum?

No, in fact, in many cases, it costs less than adopting.  Schools will be able to select the program elements they need and eliminate unnecessary components.  As an added benefit, this flexibility allows you to choose to create a consumable curriculum that can be updated yearly as teachers and students need change.


I don’t have a lot of extra time – isn’t customization time-consuming?

At ConstructEd, an acquisitions editor will be assigned to your project and they will walk you through every step of the process. Your editor will work with you to provide whatever support and expertise is needed to get you the program you need.  Our editors will work with you on design options and our team of authors and consultants are available to provide content and pedagogical expertise as you decide what is best for your student community.


Our school district doesn’t want to go through an entire redo of curriculum.
Can we make simple formatting and content changes to a current book?

Yes. The change could be as simple as changing photos to better represent your student community or adding in teacher made lessons and activities that have always been successful.

What are the different types of projects you can do?

The harder question is what can ConstructEd NOT do! Potential projects could include:

  1. An adaptation of a current book

  2. Adding local lessons or information to an already existing Kendall Hunt book

  3. Creating a supplemental book to keep teachers from making numerous copies of frequently used activities

  4. Adopting a Kendall Hunt book as is, but doing a custom paperback printing to leave the door open for revisions after an initial use of the program


What subjects can ConstructEd custom publish?

While the Kendall Hunt content available is primarily math and science, we can work with you to develop a curriculum tool from any content area that you have created yourself or that was created by a source that will give you permission to include in your own book.


Can ConstructEd custom publish materials for gifted?


Can custom materials for remediation and/or special education be published?


What does a typical book cost? 

The price of a book is influenced by type of binding, digital tools to be included, cost of any needed permissions for content not from Kendall Hunt or the school, number of pages, and layout costs.  All the projects we have done to date have come in at costs near or below the cost of a traditional print/digital curriculum.


How long will the publishing process take from start to finish?

We like to get projects that will have a print component done by early March to ensure books are ready for back-to-school.  Digital projects, depending on the amount of new digital development, can be started by April.


Are the books available digitally and in print?

Whichever way you prefer, or both.


Can you give a general idea of what the custom printing process entails?

You will work with an acquisitions editor who will guide you through your publishing options. If needed, you will also work with one of our curriculum specialists, authors, or consultants on any content or pedagogical assistance you might need. Once the plan is in place and we have the content, the project will go into production. At each step, you will have the opportunity to review the work to make sure you are getting what you need.

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